December Goals | 2016


It’s so cliché and I will likely say it EVERY month but DAMN that went quick. I am still in shock that December is upon us. I really need to finish my Christmas shopping!!

So with the start of every month comes a review of the month before and some goal setting for the month ahead. I recently joined in with a twitter chat led by @GRLPOWR all about blogging and setting goals and it was really great to talk to other bloggers about how we approach this. The general consensus seemed to be that smaller, manageable goals are the best way to make progress towards your larger ones. This is the main reason I love doing these monthly goals and they are much more realistic and easier to attain.

In terms of my November Goals – I achieved all of my blogging goals but failed somewhat on my ‘life’ goals – basically, I did not step foot in the gym once!!

There is no excuse, other than I simply did not want to go! #fail BUT not the end of the world and we will see how I do in December!

In terms of my blogging goals, I reached over 500 twitter followers, posted at least 3 times a week and engaged in multiple twitter chats!! So all in all very happy with my November progress!

December is a busy month, with my diary already pretty much booked so I know already I may struggle with maintaining my current momentum but I will work hard to stay on track.  Fingers crossed!

So here are my December goals:


Build my twitter following to over 1000 followers.

I honestly didn’t think that I would reach 500 last month and was worried I had set my bar too high but it happened and I am very thankful to all who followed me. I hope to not disappoint. Here’s to onwards and upwards.

Continue with consistently blogging 3 times per week.

It wasn’t particularly stressful to blog at least 3 times a week in November but this was down to a quieter social life. I want to maintain the momentum but I already know that December is back to back so forward planning is my only solution.

Engage more and build my following on BlogLovin

This is a particular platform that I have been on for a while now as I joined before I started blogging to follow the blogs I enjoyed. Since starting my own blog, however, I have struggled to gain a following and haven’t put much effort into engaging with other blogs either. This is hopefully going to change this month.

Read more blogs

Before I started blogging I was reading blogs all the time. It was part of my pastime and mainly my inspiration to start myself, however since I started, due to the increased time spent on my own content I have definitely been reading less and I don’t like this. So in December I am aiming to read at least 3 different blog posts per day!

Get back to the gym

So last month this was a fail – hence I am not allowed to remove it! I am going to be realistic and set my goal low to ensure I go AT LEAST once a week.

The hubby started back last week as well so I am hoping this will also light a fire under my lazy arse!! Here’s to sweating it out!!

Sort out my Skin Care Routine

Get my skin routine back on track. For the first half of 2016 (wedding prep) my skin care routine was ON POINT! I cleansed, toned and moisturised morning and night (without fail), used a face mask at least once a week and exfoliated my whole body in the shower daily. My skin was the best it has ever been.

I haven’t completely stopped but I am much less consistent and face wipes are finding their way back to centre stage! We can’t have that! So my goals this month is to get back on top of my skin care and see results!

Hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment below letting me know your goals for December– comment and let me know!


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