Thankful Thursday | Gratitude List #5

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom” – Marcel Proust

It’s been a good and productive week so far. I have nearly finished Christmas shopping and have sorted all my plans for the rest of the month which is going to be busy, busy, busy!

Also looking forward to reading all the Blogmas posts that I will be seeing over the next few weeks, which is exciting. As newbie blogger didn’t think I would put that pressure on myself to join in but looking forward to the benefits!!

Happy December Everyone!


Warm Jumpers

It has turned COLD! I mean really cold and it is a sign of things to come which scares me! But it also the time of year where I can wear big, warm and fluffy jumpers over leggings nearly every day!!

Family Guy

This is so random but this show has helped me get to sleep this week! I had to have a couple of nights this week when I couldn’t shut down, my mind was in overdrive and could feel myself getting stressed and anxious. This is the worst when lying in darkness, trying to get to sleep.

The hubby was great and said let’s put on some TV and see if it helps. Family guy was on and 5 minutes in I was giggling away and had forgotten all my little worries and then sound asleep within 20 minutes. Random but it worked 2 nights in a row and because it was so effective I actually added it to my latest post about managing stress – which you can read here.


It is officially December which means I can eat all the mince pies I want without being judged, I can put up the Christmas tree and I can start listening to Christmas tunes!! Yay!

Other than the weather this is easily one of the best months of the year and I am grateful that I get to celebrate Christmas in full force. Just this fact makes me aware of how blessed I am.


I have amazing friends. I really do. None of us are perfect and we there are some I don’t get to see all the time but no matter what we always come together and it’s always like we were never apart. I am so grateful for many friends I have.

WordPress Daily Prompt

I am thankful for this as I have found it, not only a great daily source of inspiration but a great way to discover and connect with new blogs on a daily basis. Since I discovered it a few weeks ago I have gone there daily to see people’s interpretation of the daily word and have personally submitted a couple of posts myself. You can read my latest on the word Echo here.

I would highly recommend other bloggers checking it out and also joining it.

Thanks for reading and Bye For Now.

Ella x


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