November Favourites and Highlights

November has been a pretty relaxed month for me personally which has meant I could commit a lot more to being consistent with my site. This will now be my second full month of blogging and I am still really enjoying it.

The highlights for me have been reaching 20 followers on WordPress (which may seem small but a huge step for me in 1 month) and also the connections I have made with a few other bloggers via Twitter.

I can honestly say I never expected the community to be so welcoming, so supportive and truly a pleasure to engage with! Looking forward to everything next month has to hold!!!

If you missed my October Favourite check them out here.


Book: Sarah Knight – The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k


I am only half way through and would likely be finished by now if it wasn’t for my work load. It is a self-help type book that talks you through the magic of simply Not Giving a Fuck. It is funny, honest and so spot. It talks about ways to rid yourself of the unwanted and unnecessary obligations we put on ourselves – without being a total douche bag. Being a people pleaser this is something I genuinely struggle with so am finding a good and worthwhile read.

Ice Cream – Ben and Jerrys Karamel Sutra Core

I have never been a major ice cream fiend but my husband and I were introduced this to at a friend’s house at the start of the month. Needless to say, we have bought it about 4 times since then!!

The ‘salted caramel core’ is LIFE!! If you are trying to diet – do not purchase.

Beauty – Liz Earle Superskin Overnight Mask


I was gifted this for my 30th as it was something I was hoping to try out. It is so amazing I cannot really explain how soft it makes my skin. It smells amazing and although it is quite viscous and creamy it sits on the skin giving it a nice dewy feel and by morning it is all soaked in leaving a natural glow.

Beauty: L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil

I got this in my Look Fantastic November Monthly Beauty Box. I wasn’t particularly fussed when I opened the box but then decided to try it out the next day when I was blow drying and straightening my hair.

I use oils in my hair as standard but I can honestly say it made my hair so silky and soft. To the point my husband (who never notices) commented on how silky my hair look. It’s not as heavy and thick as some oils and you don’t need a lot to get the desired effect.


I stumbled across this blog earlier in the month and instantly fell in love with the content. It is not a personal blog but more a collection of posts and advice column pieces from a number of sources. They have articles all about love, sex, career, health, beauty, happiness and many more and even have a whole section dedicated to ‘No BullShit Advice’ which is awesome. So if you fancy a good ‘no fuss, no bull shit’ read this is a great site to check out.


“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet’ Mahtma Ghandi.

I hope you enjoyed my November Faves and would love to know if there is anything you are loving this month. Have and amazing day and leave a comment to say hello.

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5 thoughts on “November Favourites and Highlights

  1. JustRere says:

    Nice post! I really love the blogging community as well. I participate in a lot of chats on twitter and wrote a blog post highlighting a few of my favorites, they are seriously all just so positive and welcoming. Also I’d love to get back into reading for fun, being in school has taken away my love for books haha. I really enjoyed this post.| -JustRere

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