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I have never considered how many is ‘too’ many when it comes to perfume. I don’t think my collection is excessive, but I have been told by some you only need 2 – 3 fragrances in your collection at any one time.

That is well and good but I wouldn’t work for me as I love to mix it up. During the day there are a few fragrances I will regularly reach for but in the evenings and for events it always depends on how I feel and I like to have options.

In today’s post I am going through all the MAIN perfumes in my collection. I do actually have a couple more than this, but they are either small bag ones or gifts I haven’t really worn so no going to bother mentioning.

I have separated them in to 3 categorises in terms of price range. I have a few that are on the pricier side and a couple that are really affordable and still great choices.

I personally go for woodier and muskier scents in general and my ultimate faves are much like this but I do have quite a few floral and fruity scents in my collection so a little something for everyone I hope.

Top Range
Jo Malone – Wood Sage and Sea Salt

wood-sage-and-seasaltJo Malone is my ultimate. My Queen, my winner. This particular scent was the one chosen for my wedding in April this year. I went to Jo Malone in WestField London with my bridemaids and a free consultation which involved champagne and hand massages for us all!! (I would highly recommend if you are getting married or even if its your birthday and you are looking for a Jo Malone fragrance).

I currently have only have one but I am looking to get another in the next few months (Christmas anyone!!). No matter what though, I will always have at least one in my collection. They are not cheap – by any means but the fragrances are sublime. They use all essentials oils and you can really tell the difference when wearing a Jo Malone. I will get comments EVERY time I wear this and would really recommend checking them out if you are willing to spend the cash.

Chanel Chance


I received this as a gift and honestly wasn’t expecting to like it. I have never gotten on well with Chanel No.5 and so had avoided Chanel products as a whole. However, Chance is soo lovely and can be worn at any time of day and for any occasions. It is probably a little more floral than any of my other scents but is for sure a firm favourite.

Tom Ford – White Patchouli

white-patchouli-tom-fordAnother gift and surprisingly one that took a little getting used to. I wasn’t a fan straight away as it is a has quite a distinctive and different scent BUT it is a great for a night out. It is a little muskier and you don’t need a lot to last all night. As much as I do like it and wear it pretty often it is not one I think I will run out to purchase again if I ever run out.

Mid Range

Gucci – Guilty

gucci-guiltyAnother FIRM Favourite and a staple within my collection. I have been wearing this for some years now and always keep stocked. Although it’s top notes are fruity it again has a slightly more masculine tone that I love. It’s another one that is great for night out.

Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

lady-million-paco-rabaneI am currently running very low on this and can’t decide whether to re-buy. I do love it. It’s another one with fruity top notes but is not quite as musky as some of my others. It is a great one for daytime wear and is actually one of my husbands faves which is always good.

Lower Range

Jimmy Choo – Flash (Eau De Parfum)

flash-jimmy-chooThis is a really affordable perfume that I was also gifted but man do I LOVE IT. It is a really cute and flirty fragrance with lovely floral tones and perfect for every day use. This sucker stays on ALL day as well which is great considering that is my biggest bug bear of some of the cheaper fragrances.

Zara- Black (Eau De Toilette)

zara-blackAnother great one for every day. Affordable and ok to carry around if you wish. Zara have a number of fragrances but Black is my favourite as it is a again a little ‘masculine’ (seeing a pattern emerging for me here) and has a really ‘sexy’ scent. This is probably my main go to for every day. It is an Eau De Toilette however, which does mean it may not last ALL day but I personally think it fairs quite well.

Hollister – Addison (Eau De Parfum)

addison-hollisterThis one is a random one I got a few years back and from what I can tell it is now discontinued. I think there are few places you can get it but Hollister do not stock anymore. It is REALLY SWEET, the sweetest one I own and although it is lovely, it can be a little overpowering so I do not wear a lot when I do. It has lasted quite a while as I don’t wear it very often. It is more of a summer scent when I feel a little girly!

I hope you enjoyed checking out my collection and I if you want to see more from me hit the follow button.

Also, please leave a comment – it’s always nice to hear from readers and get any feedback.


3 thoughts on “Beauty | My Perfume Collection

  1. azedelle says:

    Chanel fragrances are my favorite because of its longevity, and of course fragrance! They smell so beautiful. Chance is truly wearable for everyday and I especially love the sweetness it contains! XO

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