ThankFul Thursday | Gratitude List #3

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation – Brian Tracy

I have had relatively good week. Nothing too exciting but no drama and I have much more time for blogging this week which I have really enjoyed.

My job is still busy but has calmed down since last week and leaving on time allows more time in the evenings to write. My family is all good, I’m seeing my girlfriends this week and my husband is still lush.

I have ongoing stresses and worries that will always linger but all in all I am good. So I guess I am mainly thankful for having a decent week and I didn’t really acknowledge this until I start writing this post – hence the beauty of the Gratitude List – Get involved!!



Gratitude List #3



Last week was cold. So Cold. I am fully aware that this is only a sign of worse things to come but oddly we seemed to have had a randomly warmer week this week.

There has been more sun and less wind which has made getting up in the morning less painful. Don’t get me wrong, it is still November in England – which means it is by no means warm and the coats are out in full force – but it is always nice to have the sun beating down on you in Autumn.

I doubt it will last so I am enjoying it and being thankful for the spring it has put in my step.


My car passed its MOT. No issues passed first time and in a month when I am already running low that was a absolute God Send! I was dreading the call to tell me all the things wrong with my

I was dreading the call to tell me all the things wrong with my 13 year old car but was pleasantly surprised. It was not only saving money but nice to know my trusty car is still working well for me.

She is due for a service (which I imagine will hurt) but I’ll worry about that next month! Yay!


My commute to work is a 10-minute drive (20 minutes on a bad traffic day). I mean, I don’t complain but it is not until the odd occasion when I have to go into central London for a meeting that I REALLY appreciate it.

I had to travel in twice this week and it was not fun. I don’t know how I used to do it everyday for 5 years.

Sometimes I miss working in central London, the atmosphere, the social life and the constant buzz BUT then I remember the commute and the late trips home and the early mornings I remember just how lucky I am to have a job I enjoy so close to home. #blessed

My Immune System

Stupid I know but I was dirty ill last week. Like it was so unattractive and cringe-inducing, it wasn’t funny, but this week I am better. Not 100% – I still have a bit of a sniffle and cough – but in comparison I’m good. I’m thankful that my body worked right and fixed the problem.

Thanks T Cells.  

MaryLand Cookies

I am adding this purely as a colleague brought them into the office this week and I had forgotten how much I love them! I cannot think about how many I have had in the past 2 days – Cookie overload!

Thanks for reading and if you start writing your own list for us to see send me the links so I can check it out.

Bye For Now.

Ella x



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