November Goals | 2016

I still can’t quite believe it is November already. Halloween is officially over and the Christmas festivities are well underway. In less than two months I will start the hideous task of remembering to write 2017 instead of 2016 on all my paperwork – it is no normally until around June that this actually becomes second nature. Fail.

November is my second full month of blogging and this will be my very first ‘Monthly Goals’ post so I have no goals from last month to check back on but overall I would say October was slow but Fun.

November 2016 Goals

November 2016 Goals

So here are my November goals:


I am currently just over 100 followers, which is great, but in order to build my blog readership I would love that before the end of the month I want to be up to at least 500 followers. (So if you are reading this and not following my go right ahead by clicking here). *beg*


I have not been posting ‘consistently’ so far. Just as and when I can. Which is fine but I makes me feel very unorganised and so I plan on having more of a schedule. Posting 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and once at the weekend. I’m not at the point of scheduling specific times. Maybe next month!


Being new to the ‘twitter game’ I was not entirely sure what ‘twitter chats’ were when I first came across them. Now I realise they are a great way to connect with other bloggers and join the community so my aim will be to join in with a few of these over the month.


This is where I hang my head in shame. I have a gym membership but I have not gone in the last 6 months. What annoys me the most about this is not the lack of fitness and increase in weight BUT the waste of money as I have still paid for it this whole time. This month is time for change. I am going to get back on it. At least twice a week.


I am normally great at this but in the past couple of months I have been shit. This is so important to me and my skin has been much worse since I have stopped. I need to get back to the 2 litres per day.

So those I my main aims for the month. I will check back at the end and see if I have achieved any of these and make my plans for December!! Exciting.

What are your goals for November – comment and let me know!


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