October Favourites

October has been a pretty ‘cheap’ month for me. With saving hard for our first home I am sticking to a strict budget. This means no major purchases o any new products, so all of this months favourites are things I already had and started using again or shows, blogs, and books I have enjoyed.

October Favourites

October Favourites

BOOK: Find Her – Lisa Gardner
Find Her - Lisa Gardner

Find Her – Lisa Gardner

If you like a psychological crime thriller with multiple twists and turns throughout you will love this. It was my first experience of Lisa Gardner and since finished the novel I have downloaded two more in her series to my kindle. It is not one for the faint hearted. The plot follows the experiences of a kidnap victim and how her experience is used to save the life of another. It is graphic and hardtop read at times but a real page turner. Lisa Gardner is officially on my list of authors to follow.

TV SHOW: The Walking Dead

I waited until after the season premiere before writing this to be sure I wanted to include it. Firstly if you are not a WD fan then you won’t have appreciated the reaction to the season premiere but OMG. I was almost ready to give up but deep down I can’t walk away now. I am too invested. Much like GOT it has rocked us all to the core BUT promises to deliver. If you haven’t seen it yet prepare yourself and if you have never watched an episode – get involved.

MOVIE: Sausage Party
Filth. Funny as F. But pure filth. Probably why I loved it so much. It is not for the young or the prudish. I tell you not be fooled by the fact it is an animation but it is by far the most fun I had watching a film this month.
BEAUTY: Face Mask – Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask
Liz Earle Beauty Mask

Liz Earle Beauty Mask

Before I got married in April I was doing a face mask twice a week. Since the wedding – nothing. It is crazy how all the preparation for one day can be thrown aside so very easily. BUT my skin has noticed so this month I decided to get back on it and it was back to an old fave. Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask.

This mask is not cheap but it makes a huge difference to the look and feel of my skin. I have combination skin and I always find that after just one session my face evens out. There’s nothing better than a midweek face mask session.
APP: Tasty App
I have loved the ‘Tasty’ recipes since the came onto the scene and took over my facebook feed. This month I discovered they have an app – so all the awesome and easy to follow recipes are all in one place.
BLOG: TheElleNextDoor
I have been following several bloggers for some time and is part of the reason why I felt to start my own and I think it so important to keep in touch with all the other writers and creators out there. So each month I want to include a blogger who’s content has inspired me or just simply been enjoyable to read. This month I discovered ‘TheElleNextDoor’. A feel Brit she has such a fresh and unique way of writing and presenting herself that I just adore. She is the type of girl I think I would get on with and love how REAL her blog feels. Check her out…
“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always Look lovely” Roald Dahl

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